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The West is wide and wild. And now, a bit Weird…

USA, 1863…this was the year it happened. The day history changed. Up until then, everything as we have always know was the same. The South had ceded from the Union about 2 years before. But on July 4, something changed…something WEIRD happened.

There are a lot who say the dead got up and fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. Of course that could have just been shell shock, and if that was it, I’m sure everyone would have accepted that it was just worn out soldiers suffering from too much war and too much opium (or maybe not enough). Then, in 1868, the Great quake happened and ghost rock was discovered. This allowed all of those tinkerers and so called scientists to make even more outlandish devices. In 1871, the south captured Washington DC, for a short time, with flamethrowers and steam tanks! After that, Once Grant was back in the White House, he offered exclusive contract for the government ghost rock contract, and the Great Rail war began.

So, although the Civil war is on hold with a tentative cease fire, the west has definitely gotten weirder. The nation is not only divided north and south, but the Natives have formed the Sioux Nation and the Coyote Confederation. The Mormons have declared the Republic of Deseret to be independent as has the Commonwealth of California. There are still sates that are disputed, and territories that have not been exploited.

Professor Darius Hellstrome and Smith and Robards have set up shop in Salt Lake City, the Professor in the city proper, and the gentiles Smith and Robards have all of their factories and their home office in Junkyard. In the last 5 years or so, Junkyard has become even more fitting to its Nom de Guerre of the City of Gloom, as now the sky blotting pipes and cables and ducting are aided by a thick black and brown soot cloud that is constantly refreshed by the ghost rock factories.

Reverend Ezikiah Grimm and his disciples have set up shop in the City of Lost Angels, and they make a pretty solid claim as the capital of the Commonwealth. Of course the Yankees and confederates ply the maze with slipshod navies, that are hunted by Santa Anna’s flotilla. And they are all preyed on, like the small mining communities and fishermen by the Chinese warlords or the dreaded Maze dragons…

And with rumors and “eye-witness” reports from the Tombstone Epitaph talking about gamblers who make deals with the devil to enspell regular folk, and stories that make normal folks lock their doors at night with at least one lamp burning. Or the tales of Natives that have regained contact with their spirits to drive the White from their land. And more and more folk saying they have seen God’s hand in their church…Well…the west is still just as wide, but a whole lot weirder in these last 16 years…

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