• "Big" Bob Johansen

    "Big" Bob Johansen

    Large, sweaty, foul mothed Swede Barge Captain
  • Adelaide Maltster aka Addy Duille

    Adelaide Maltster aka Addy Duille

    Female distiller/madam, ~30 y.o., l-o-n-g, curly black hair, slanted emerald eyes, tan, 5'7", ~140 lbs (10 stone).
  • Dead Feathers

    Dead Feathers

    A Sioux war chief
  • Dr. Edgar Haskins

    Dr. Edgar Haskins

    Boston Archeologist professor
  • Grizzly Cobb

    Grizzly Cobb

    Rough and tumble, burly and bearded. Exactly your mind's eye image of a trapper...
  • Harold Buchanan

    Harold Buchanan

    Middle aged balding man with a belly. Train cook and bartender.
  • Lonesome Chapman

    Lonesome Chapman

    The Whispering Widow, lawyer, notary to the public. Reasonable rates, trade welcome. Pinkertons best not apply.
  • Solomon Mackintosh Munroe

    Solomon Mackintosh Munroe

    Tall and thin, Munroe has pale skin and dark rings under his eyes. He is unshaven and his clothes have seen better days,
  • Sophie Miller

    Sophie Miller

    Black female assistant and bodyguard to Dr. Haskins