Wide Weird West

Bats and Buffaloes


It seems to me that everything in this new world is twisted beyond recognition. After the giant ant/spider/lizard of several weeks ago, I have now seen first hand the reports of the so-called Devil Bats. As my luck would have it, the one we saw was, according to a soldier we met, about three times bigger than a normal Devil Bat, a creature about twice the size of a man.

I wonder if God, or one Dead Feathers’ spirits, is testing us. I saw some strange things while I was in the army, but since meeting Addy, Lonesome and our mysterious Feathers we seem to have been pushed into a world of alien beasts and low-down humans. It is almost like we have been gathered by someone to pit ourselves against these dangers. The thoughts keep drifting through my mind, making it hard to concentrate. I need to speak to a scholar, a priest or maybe Dead Feathers.

We came across a dead black man, a member of the ‘Flying Buffaloes’, I’m told an elite unit of the army that utilize the ‘jet packs’ created by people like the Professor. We soon came across the living example, fighting the huge creature, and we were volunteered to help them destroy it. I hold no problems with killing a dangerous animal, but I would like to have been asked.

We tracked it to a butte, and I was able to kill it with a short range blast from my scattergun. Well, Dead Feathers finished it off, but it was dying after I opened its mid-drift.

I enjoyed the solitude of ranging today, interrupted as it was by the attack of a giant plague bat, but I wouldn’t trade my companions for anyone else. We made some friends amongst the Buffaloes, and I think that the Cliff City is soon going to be in sight. Once there we have to drop into the Canyon itself, after these lost wonders the Professor is so keen on.

Hmm, as a side-note, I really should look at buying a weapon with longer range. My headaches mean that such a weapon would not always be of use to me; my sight blurs and my eyes run in the strong light when such attacks are upon me. It would have come in useful today, however. I am not sure what type of settlement it is we are heading to, but perhaps I can find something suitable…


MasterGameMaster DennisSaunders

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