Wide Weird West

What in tarnation?!

** Marshall's Update **

After a fitful and cold night of camp, a little before dawn, Indian Friend heard a soft cry for help. Waking Solomon, he goes to investigate. Mr. Monroe wakes the capable members of the posse, and goes to stand watch.

Turns out that Harold Buchanan, the cook and bartender from the Steamer was buried beneath coal overnight. He is rescued by the posse, and get him back a bit after dawn. Then, Laura Giles, imparts a bit of disturbing news…It seems that the missing Allan Seyberth was not transporting a statue, but a dangerous live animal…and she thinks it is stalking them…She implores the posse to hunt it down and kill it, but they only agree after she reveals that she is working for the Agency!

They agree, particularly with the $500 she offered for a reward, and they go back to the trail down by the detached cars, and follow it up into the steep heavily wooded mountainside. After a period of time, in the cold and climbing the frosted loam, they come upon a clearing, and just as they enter it a hand claws its way out of the dirt…It is Jane Hunt, the night time fireman as well as four others, one fo which they don’t recognize, and a somewhat surprising battle ensues…

They defeat the creatures, and they things that were in them, and explore the narrow gap to find the large dangerous animal, but it finds them…

After defeating it, and heading back to the camp they present agent Giles with it’s head. SHe pays them $100 (promising another $400) when they can get where she can have money wired, and tells them they have seen nothing. They march to the water station about 20 miles down track, and wait. 10 days later, a repair crew shows up, takes them back to the small gorge where recovery work is ongoing. They cross the foot bridge and a couple of days later they arrive in Salt Lake City, Deseret. Giles gives them the additional $400, and reminds them not to speak with anyone about what has happened, and goes on her way, and she plays pretty good sceening between them and Denise Merritt, freelance reporter. Seems that the Grand Hotel in Junkyard has a bit of a do coming up…something about “Historical Significance!” Might be an interesting diversion…


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