Wide Weird West

On the Trail

** Marshall's Update **

After less than a day in Cedar City, the train is unloaded, the barges are loaded, and the posse sets off before sundown. For two days, they travel slowly down the Big Meadow Wash watching the none too interesting scenery flow by. Late in the second day, the confluence with the Virgin River comes into view, just showing signs of spring run-off. Here, they part ways with “Big” Bob and his crew, reloading the wagons and heading on generally east into the Black Rock Mountains. It is here we discover that the professor is an exceptionally bad driver.

The days are quite hot and dusty, with water at a premium, and the professor going on about heat safety. Even though this is early spring, the heat of summer is already showing through. Setting up watches and continuing on the less-than-path, late in the afternoon of the second day, they come upon a grisly scene, and then…the largest Devil Bat anyone has ever heard of, that seems to have taken exception to some Flying Buffaloes


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