Wide Weird West

Historic Announcement!

** Marshall's Update **

You’re about to make History!

After spending a few not completely event free days in Junkyard, they attend the Gala announcement at the Grand Hotel in Junkyard. It turns out that some artifacts of Major John Powell’s last ill fated expedition to the Grand Canyon have turned up! The Explorers Society and Smith and Robards are Sponsoring it. However, during the announcement, several bandits attempt to raid the doings! THe one who shouted seemed headed for the stage.

Although the ballroom was pack close to burstin’, our posse dealt with the interlopers rather handily. Once the constabulary arrived, they were in no mood for questioning, but they each received an invitation to visit with Dr. Haskins in his room upstairs. Seems his bodyguard, Ms. Miller, has convinced him he needs a bit more security than he was expecting, and thinks these stalwart characters maybe his answer…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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