Wide Weird West

Cedar City or Bust.


Just one more train journey. Sometimes I feel like my whole life has been a journey with no destination. There have been stops on the way, sure. But the miles roll beneath my feet and I don’t seem to be getting any further along the trail.

Maybe this time will be different. Seems to me something of an omen that I met my companions on a train journey, and here we are again. Maybe that is why I’m so jumpy. Of course, telling a young woman you are having feelings for her doesn’t help calm the nerves, but I’m unable to relax. First, that man on the station, dark, gaunt and watching us like, well, like some western simile that my friends would use. “A rattler watching a mouse” or something, I don’t know.

Then the Professor asked Addy and I to change rooms, and I all but accused him of trying to kill us. Of course someone did try to break into the room, so maybe I wasn’t far off.

I got to spend some time with Addy though, not letting my mind settle on it. Just take each day as it comes, let things sort themselves out. Part of me still thinks I should feel guilty, but that part is growing quieter and quieter every time I see that girl…

I’m told Cedar City is up ahead, so this particular part of my journey is closing fast. Somewhere out there lies the Grand Canyon and the trail of this lost expedition.


MasterGameMaster DennisSaunders

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