Wide Weird West

Back in the Saddle

Lonesome Chapman

Well. I am back on the trail again… with a bunch of greenhorns. They know nothing about camp, or cooking or whatnot. The Professor drives me to distraction. He is so focused on his own little world I think he actually forgets he has people following him. I want to grab him by the collar and slap him until he realized that if he doesn’t have a care he is going to get all these people killed.

I’m actually quite sorry I agreed to come along. I feel like a mother hen, and I’m not sure I like being the one to have to call that crazy man out and stop him from volunteering us to do crazy things. Like going into a cave after a giant devil bat that buffalo soldiers could not handle on their own. We did go. We did help, well when I say we I do really mean members of our group. I think Dead Feathers and Soloman did the actual deed by themselves without help from any of the so called soldiers. I’m not sure, however as it was dark, I was not the first one in, and by the time I did get in it was all over.

I really don’t think I’m doing very well. I’m about tired of people hassling me for speaking so quietly. I’m about ready to unleash my new voice on them and see just how much better they like it. I’m tired of my heart hurting.

Bah. Enough whining. You’d think I was a five year old.


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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