Wide Weird West

Skyline Steamer

** Marshall's Update **

Comin’ Round the Mountain, Part 1

One of the first trips through the Rockies following the earliest of the spring thaw, several travelers, all with different agendas, board a fairly empty train, the Skyline Steamer on the Denver-Pacific line. Out of Denver, in the disputed Colorado territory, heading towards Salt Lake City, the City of Gloom, in the Republic of Deseret and points beyond.

After a day of travelling through the cold and still snow banked mountains, Late in the afternoon, shadows growing long, and sounds being muffled, the Steamer rounds a sharp bend and begins a long steep uphill climb. Shortly thereafter, the cook, Harold Buchanan is seen in a rush towards the front of the train. Moments later, there is an explosion, and then the train crashes, throwing the passenger cars off the track. Mr. Munroe disentagles himself just in time to hear gunfire from outside the train. After a few moments, Mrs. Chapman gathers her wits and begins hustling the injured and stunned out the far side of the car into the cold, but with the safety of two train car walls between them and the gunfire. Ms. Maltster Catches her breath, and along with Solomon, begins to return fire. Eventually slaying or driving off all of the bandits with the help of a mysterious Indian. Once the immediate danger is over, it is discovered that the engine and coal car are down a small ravine because the bridge was apparently destroyed. Also, the baggage car and caboose are missing! Probably due to something the bandits have done. All of the train crew are missing…

Lonesome, after settling the survivors and the walking wounded, headed back down the track and spied the other cars about half a mile down the track, crashed at the sharp turn. After gathering the weapons (and some newer clothes) from the fallen ruffians, Solomon and Addy went down to investigate the detached cars. There they find blood in the baggage car as well as the caboose. They also discover some unusual tracks in the blood.

Upon returning to the rest of the party, a camp is set, a fire made near the train cars, and watches are set. But the night is not quiet…


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